Tooling to your Requirements

Precision Tooling

Tooling to your Requirements

CGS Fabrication with Shops in Webster NY and Penang Malaysia along with many partner vendors currently supply precision machine tooling and componentry to more than 30 countries around the world. Our shops are equipped with state of the art CNC and manual machining equipment to fulfill your needs. If it is one piece that you require or thousands CGS Fabrication can fulfill your needs with a quality product that fits your timeline and budget.

Precison Machined Components

  • High Mix Low Volume Business Model
  • Production Runs
  • Quick Turn Tooling
  • Best In Class Precision Machining
  • Investment in Latest Technology

Tight Tolerance Capabilities

  • In Process Quality and Inspection
  • Capabilities in all styles of CNC Equipment
  • Grinding and Polishing
  • Surface Treatments
  • Tool Management Program

Full Service for Fabricated Details

Custom Fabrication

It's in the Details

Critical assemblies on Time and on Budget.
We have a proven track record serving the medical, aerospace, automotive and industrial markets with high-performance tooling, fabricated components and assemblies.

Full Service

As a one stop shop for fabricated details we can kit and deliver a complete bill of materials. We can make or source any component or piece of tooling that you can't buy off a shelf such as weldments, sheet metal parts, custom rollers, plastic components and small to large machined parts. These are just some of the capabilities and services that we can provide at CGS.

We handle all of your outside service needs as well; heat treating, surface treatments, anodize plating and paint. One source that can do it all for you saving time, money and resources.


We employ state-of-the-art custom fabrication equipment operated by highly trained and skilled employees.

Offering unique and specialized design solutions for a variety of industries. Let us solve your tooling challenges.

CGS Fabrication has developed an expertise in working with all types of materials and substrates.


Accurate Gages That Last

Gages & Fixtures

Accuracy That Lasts

Needing a gage that you have already designed or need to have one engineered? Our team can take your product and design a custom gage around your needs and requirements. Alternatively, we could fabricate and assemble to your own gage design.


Our inspection labs will verify your gage for fit, function and accuracy before it is sent to you.

  • Design and Build Precision Gages
  • Function Gages
  • Inline Process Gages
  • CMM Fixturing


Whether your requirement is a build to print or a custom design built fixture, calvary will ensure first-time Quality and on time delivery.

  • First Time Quality
  • Build to Print
  • Design & Build

Confidence in fit and function

Quality Driven

Confidence in Fit and Function

CGS Fabrication is ISO 9001:2015 Compliant which means you can be confident in our work. Our quality labs are equipped to ensure the product we deliver meets the tolerance and function. We also work closely with our customers to ensure your requirements are met. We can tailor a quality plan to conform to your policy and unique requirements.

Quality Lab

  • State of the art inspection equipment
  • Tenure quality technicians
  • Robust Calibration Schedule
  • ISO 9001:2015

Tailored Quality Plans for Customer Needs

  • Measurement Services Available 
  • Full Incoming
  • Final Piece inspection Process

Design That Works for You

Engineering Services

Design That Works for You

Need to make your vision a reality? Our engineers have hands-on working knowledge with process, gaging and fixturing development. Our engineering team is able to develop and improving manufacturing processes and tooling for practically any product type. We can handle your project from prototype through fabrication and assembly and shipped to your back door in a manner that is seamless, convenient and efficient.

Global Engineering Service Consultants

CGS Fabrication works closely with all our customers to provide the best solutions possible for undertaking the most strategic engineering consulting assignments. 

Consulting services can be provided throughout all or part of the definition, scaling and evaluation phases of a customer's projects.CGS Fabrication is your strategic partner when seeking to solve your challenges.

Scope of Engineering Services Consulting Services

The CGS fabrication is aware of our customer demands in terms of robust tools, development and assembly. Coupled with out process, improvement, engineering capability we can develop unique solutions that cut cost and meet your needs. 

Assembled With Confidence

Value Added Assembly

Assembled With Confidence

Our assembly shop is comprised of talented tool and die personal that have many years experience in assembly of precision stations, gages and fixtures. We can assemble, test and quality check your most critical assembles on time and on budget. We have a proven track record serving the medical, aerospace, automotive and industrial markets with high performance tooling and tooling assembles.

Full Station Builds

  • Full build to print services
  • Highly Skilled Tool Makers
  • Built with your final Product in Mind
  • Full Testing Available 

Quick Turn around and installation Available

  • Robust Construction for long use
  • Competitive Pricing

Cost-effective Collaboration

With budget constraints being a concern for many of our customers, CGS Fabrication is your one stop solution provider for cost-effective collaboration throughout the entire build process. 

CGS Fabrication offers engineering solutions in the following areas:

  • Build to Print
  • Rebuild
  • Prototyping
  • Sub-Assemblies for factory use