CGS Fabrication has the extensive experience in the Automotive industry and has provided solutions for many applications such as but not limited to the following:

  • Work Holding and Fixturing
  • Jigs and Gages
  • Production and Retrofit Tooling
  • Transfer Pallets
  • Pierce and Forming Dies
  • Spares Tooling


CGS is experienced in the design and build of a full range of process holding fixtures for the Aerospace sector. Our expertise and capacity in engineering, simulation, fabrication and machining allows us to take on the largest, most challenging projects.

  • Component and Sub-Assembly Stands
  • Component and Sub-Assembly Tools
  • Specialty Tooling and Equipment

We offer our Aerospace customers complete locating jig solutions including complete try-out and buy-off services. Our experience includes:

  • Locating Jigs
  • Drill Jigs
  • Assembly Jigs

CGS has also established a network of certified 3rd party suppliers for materials, heat treat and coatings.


Consumer Products

CGS Fabrication has the extensive experience in the Consumer Products industry and has provided tooling and fixturing solutions for many applications such as but not limited to the following:

  • Optical and Electronic Connectors
  • Household Goods
  • Sporting Goods
  • Power Tool Industry


CGS Fabrication has extensive experience and has provided tooling in the Electronics industry such as:

  • Custom Cabel Connectors
  • Machine Plugs from Plastic
  • Plastic Isolators and Insulators
  • Tight Tolerance Manifolds
  • Assembly and Test Stations


At CGS Fabrication our commitment to quality, tight tolerance machining, and extensive experience has allowed us provided solutions for many applications in the Healthcare industry such as but not limited to the following:

  • Precision Pallets and Setting Devices
  • Validation Prototype Work
  • Tooling Retrofits for Process Improvement
  • Robust parts for longevity in high-speed production
  • Machine Tending Applications
  • Testing and Inspection Systems


CGS Fabrication has extensive experience in the Energy industry and has provided solutions for many applications such as but not limited to the following:

  • Tooling for Web Handling Systems
  • Precision Grippers and Pallets
  • Trey Handling Fabrication
  • Tooling for Rotary Systems

Machinery, Production Equipment

CGS offers Tooling for Machinery and Production Equipment suppliers. Tooling and fabricated components for their end products and services. This would Include Integrators as well as OEMs.  

  • Full BOM Fulfillment for Machine and Fabricated Parts 
  • High-Mix Low-Volume Specialist
  • Complete Build to Print Station Assembly and Build

Prototyping & Development

CGS offers prototyping and development services for clients across multiple industries. These projects vary in both size and complexity based upon the application and requirements. 

In Addition to the above, CGS designs and builds a wide range of fixtures, gages and related build-to-print tooling for customers in various industries. We have a strong commitment to value, delivery, and quality which allows us to serve our strategic customers. We have a team of engineers and skilled tradespeople with extensive manufacturing experience for you can draw upon. Our professionals and services provide the value add necessary to deliver you a solution which offers a competitive advantage. 


Calvary Global Supply

CGS Fabrication exists and operates to provide reliable and knowledgeable machining and fabrication solutions for customers world-wide. Our track record and dedication has inspired our customers to put faith in what we do and many are valued long term relationships. CGS Fabrication operates as a separate business unit and has built a solid foundation composed of outstanding machining, fabrication and related services capabilities. We are your dependable partner for providing the best value and return on investment in the industry.

Our employees are embodied with years of experience in the fabrication business. Their work ethic is apparent by their refined knowledge, which assists in the consistent delivery of quality machined components that your applications require. With state-of-the-art technology and capabilities, CGS produces effective, accurate and predictable results. Regardless of the production requirements or lot size, our employees welcome the opportunity to succeed with your company's challenges in mind.

After years of providing solid business solutions, our customers have come to expect the highest level of services. From raw materials on hand, to the delivery of the most complex custom fabricated components including value added assembly if necessary, our customers look to CGS with their opportunities to excel and provide them with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Visit our Website

Calvary Robotics

Calvary Robotics is a world leader in the design and build of automated assembly, test and material handling systems as well as a predominant integrator of third party technology and equipment. We are uniquely qualified not only based upon our years of experience but the synergies that are realized between our complimentary business units. These units offer distinctive expertise but combined strength when addressing and solving customer challenges. This model of operation differentiates Calvary from not only a competitive standpoint, but also increases overall program efficiency while reducing risk. The 4 business units offer services that include, complete system design and build, repetitive manufacturing (BTP) of systems or sub assemblies, tooling and fabricated component supply as well as commercialization of products into the marketplace. Calvary serves many industries with our core markets being Automotive, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Electronics and Energy. Our global footprint ,process optimization, overall capabilities and performance track record, provide customers with assurance of a successful program and realization of their expected return on investment.

The focus on the customer's needs is fully supported by Calvary's sophisticated project management system, where emphasis is placed on procedure and communication throughout all phases of the project. From the design to the debug stage of equipment, customers are fully involved. Target dates are reviewed bi-weekly to insure on time deliveries and job tracking is fully documented.

Our mission has always been to provide our customers with benchmark quality, cost, and delivery.We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service during and after product delivery ensuring our customers receive the ROI that they expect. Calvary's people understand that customers face demanding "JIT" schedules in today's competitive environment.

We also realize the sensitive and proprietary nature of our customer's projects and processes. Calvary's management and employees are experienced in dealing with these security issues and have disciplined processes and practices in place to ensure a customer's private information remains secure.

Calvary Robotics has built a reputation for performance, quality and service, which keeps our customers coming back to us. We are proud of the large number of growing repeat customers and the partnerships which we have jointly created based on value, integrity and trust.

Calvary Advanced Manufacturing

Whether you call it Machine Replication, Build-to-Print or Contract Manufacturing, Calvary Advanced Manufacturing (CAM) is the right partner for your next project. Process and work-instruction based builds ensure projects are built to your specifications without the need for debug. When the engineering is already complete, our CAM business unit handles projects from single repeats to long term multi-unit build contracts. In cases, where you may require value engineering of your designs to increase performance, reduce cost, improve delivery or require enhancements to bring the product to market, Calvary is well positioned to address those needs by leveraging the synergies of other business units. In addition, we can also be called upon to develop new and innovative products for our customers and assist in scaling these solutions into the market saving both time, risk and money.

Opticool Technologies

OptiCool Technologies is a leading provider of innovative server cooling solutions. We specialize in refrigerant-based, close-coupled cooling solutions. These solutions are designed to support a wide variety of data center applications, including both low-density to high-density data centers.
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Calvary Product Innovation

Due to Calvary's track record and experience in providing high technology solutions, precision tooling and fabricated components as well as our copy exact build to print capabilities, we have developed a unique skill set that adds significant value to our own opportunities as well as those of our customers who are seeking to commercialize products. The combination of these services and offerings are unparalleled in the industry and provide for reductions in cost, risk and delivery while providing the scale necessary for success. Through a robust, disciplined and proven staged process, we can provide all of the facets needed to bring your product or solution to the market. We collaborate with our customers from the very beginning starting with the analysis and prototyping through pilot and production builds. We value engineer through each phase ensuring that your needs are met or exceeded allowing you to focus on the important things knowing that your success is paramount to our success. Calvary is a full service provider when it comes to innovative product design and development, value engineering and full scale production offering complete lifecycle management through every step from inception to market and beyond.